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Listed below are the names and contacts of organizations assisting in the review of the issues pertaining to the Wekiva Study Area (WSA).

Home Owner Associations

  • Markham Woods Home Owners Association
    MWA has taken a lead role in forming the WSA Home Owners Association grass roots group. Focus is on defending property rights and interests of homeowners with septic systems.
  • Bent Oak Subdivision
    This blog was created for Bent Oak residents to keep all informed about issues pertaining to the Bent Oak subdivision.

Additional Resources

  • Coalition for Property Rights
    The Coalition for Property Rights (CPR) is a nonprofit, property rights education and advocacy organization based in Orlando, Florida. CPR was founded in 2001 by a group of Central Florida business leaders to unify property owners and bring greater public awareness to the importance of property rights. CPR's mission is to educate the public and elected officials of the importance of private property rights and to defend these rights from further erosion. , Executive Director of CPR has been very active in defense of Florida homeowners.

State Agencies

  • Florida Department of Environmental Protection
  • Florida Department of Health

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