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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is a PBTS?
A:The acroynm stands for Performance Based Treatment System. In summary, it is a treatment plant designed to process waste and output clean water. Typcially, the PBTS is installed for each single family home in areas desiring the complete elimination of nigrogen and other materials into the soil. A PBTS replaces the technology know as a septic system. Typically, a portion is both above and below ground.

Q: Will this system work when the power goes out?
A: No. These systems have mechanical parts that require electricity to operate. If the power goes out the system will not work until the power is restored.

Q: Will this system increase my electric bill?
A: Yes. These systems use mechanical parts that require electricity. Estimated costs based on 2.1 KWH per day to run the pumps and approximately $0.15 per KWH the cost to operate the system is approximately $0.32 per day or $9.60 additionally a month.

Q: Where can I find all of the Florida County Resolutions that were made in response to SB550 and its repeal?

A: You can view it here.

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