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Within 30 days of the end of Florida’s legislative session, the Governor must sign or veto the budget and laws considered and passed by the House and Senate. Governor Scott also has line item veto authority, which means he can veto any single line item or portion of the budget provisions. There are two items of extreme importance to all septic owners. If you have not already contacted the Governor’s office asking for his support of these two items, please do so as soon as possible. We have provided a sample message, but your own words are acceptable. PLEASE DO THIS TODAY and pass along to your e-mail circles. THANK YOU!

Sample Communication below:

Dear Governor Scott,

There are two items waiting for your signature that are of extreme importance to me and more than 2.5 million other homeowners and businesses who rely on septic systems as their basic sewage treatment method. Approval of these two items will ensure that millions of taxpayer dollars are not wasted, and that the state agency that is charged with developing a septic inspection program does so with accountability.

SB2002, Section 13, Line Items 218-227
Please approve this budget implementation provision

The Senate and House of Representatives have amended SB550, requiring the Dept. of Health, Bureau of On-Site Sewage to develop a septic inspection implementation plan and submit the plan and its costs to the Legislative Budget Committee before spending any money on the SB550 inspection mandate. This is the first time anyone has asked this agency to be accountable for their rule-making and program plan. Given the history of this government agency to pass rules without regard to cost to the state or the taxpayer, this oversight is necessary.

SB2002, Budget Item 465
Please approve funding for Phase III of the Nitrogen Reduction Study

The results of this essential on-going study will be available when Phase III is completed. Without this funding, not only will Phase I and II funding be wasted, but 2.5 million septic system owners all over the state will be subject to rules and regulations that have no basis in fact, and no affordable alternatives to reduce nutrients other than un-proven “performance-based” systems – whose cost to businesses and homeowners will be measured in billions. Florida Tax Watch has endorsed this expenditure as a wise investment of tax funds.

Please approve these two items.

Thank you.

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Mailing Address and E-Mail Address for Governor Scott

Office of Governor Rick Scott
State of Florida
400 S. Monroe St
Tallahassee FL 32399-0001