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This message was just received from the Coalition for Property Rights. A very sweeping amendment to SB 1576 was filed this morning. A thorough review of the amendment language is underway, but the initial review indicates that much of what we have been advocating for is included in this amendment. Some tweaking still needs to be done, especially in the area of requiring that rule-making rely on adequate science. There are also concerns that the real costs to the state and the taxpayers have not been sufficiently vetted. Obviously, things get a little crazy at the end of session. Thanks to all of you for responding with your e-mails the past few weeks – we are sure this effort is responsible for the positive changes in the new amendment. We will keep you informed and let you know tonight if any further action is needed.

New Version of Springs and Aquifer Protection Act
Hold Your Messages…
CPR has just learned a new, amended version of the Springs and Aquifer Protection Act was filed approximately two hours ago.While the version mentioned in this morning’s newsletter is still the bill of record on the agenda, the Appropriations Committee “may” choose to consider and approve the proposed amended version.

CPR encourages you to continue to express your concerns to elected officials.  CPR will look closely at the new amendment and info you.  Alternatively, you can visit: and view the new language yourself.

Thank you for remaining vigilant.
Dan Peterson, Executive Director