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Tri-County’s Board of Directors and its membership have voted to formally dissolve the homeowner advocacy organization and have approved a resolution to join forces with Coalition for Property Rights (CPR) The agreement between the two organizations involves granting a complimentary one-year membership to all Tri-County Associations’ members, and an agreement that the issue of protecting the property rights of homeowners with septic systems will now be carried forward by CPR.

“The scope of the issues has grown exponentially with the Federal EPA and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection now actively pursuing nutrient rules in the State of Florida” said Andrea Samson, President of Tri-County Assoc. “Continuous monitoring of the numerous groups dealing with the rules and regulations governing septic systems leads me to believe that the issue will eventually boil down to one of protecting our property rights. CPR has been involved in the issue as our advocate for more than six years, long before Tri-County was formed, so this merger is a natural fit of like minds and mission, and will strengthen both organizations.”

Mrs. Samson has volunteered her time to serve as an advisor to CPR, and will continue to monitor and report on relevant federal, state and local meetings and urgent actions. She urges all those who supported Tri-County’s advocacy to become active members of CPR and continue to attend important meetings and communicate to other concerned citizens throughout the state. will continue to be available as a news source.

Questions regarding this cooperative effort can be referred to Andrea Samson ( or Dan Peterson, CPR’s Executive Director (