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Did you think your septic system battle was over? Here is a quick update on the most recent outrageous activities.

1,200 rally to save imperiled Wekiva River

If you didn’t read this in the Sentinel, you should! Then read the letter your editor wrote in response. Mr. Russell, Editor has not chosen to publish this, nor has he contacted any one that I know of to find out if there just might be another side to the story, so I have chosen to publish it in The Sludge Report. I wish I could say this was not their usual behavior, to publish fiction as though it were fact. Unfortunately it’s normal, and it’s been their “normal” for several years. This article, however, takes the cake for innuendo and one-sided promotion of environmental scare tactics. There are several one-liners imbedded deep in the story that tell readers, if they notice – THERE IS NO SCIENCE to prove what they were saying! If there was science supporting their opinion piece regarding septic systems, they would be able to publish it! Instead the Orlando Sentinel chooses to publish artistic renderings, and feel good stuff about saving the Wekiva from all those wicked, environmentally unconscious people who dare to use septic systems! You may want to consider forwarding the Sentinel link to your neighbors. It is time to be active again.

Allow me to throw down a challenge here. My computer files are jammed packed with research that shows that properly sited, functioning septic systems are safe even when they are close to various water bodies; research that shows specifically in Florida where septic conversion to sewers has not reduced nutrient levels in canals and rivers; research from all over the country in various soils and climates that prove septic systems have been wrongly blamed for polluting lakes, oyster beds, ground water, etc. Even the EPA agrees that properly sited and functioning septic systems are not a problem. The challenge to anyone – Send me the research that proves otherwise! Unlike the Sentinel, I will review opposing opinions and report on it, complete with references.

Your Local Radio

On February 11, 2013, Christopher Hart and Lar Adams of “The American Adversaries,” WORL 660 AM radio interviewed Andrea Samson during their show (5 to 6 pm). You can listen to the interview. Commercials, traffic and weather updates have been edited out.