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State Order Requiring Homeowners to use Nitrogen-Reducing Septic Systems can be downloaded here: Wekiwa and Rock Springs Final Order 2018.

Final BMAP Plan for Wekiva area can be downloaded here: Wekiwa and Rock Springs Final 2018.

Original Draft document presented May 23rd can be downloaded here: DRAFT Wekiwa Spring and Rock Springs BMAP_05182018.

A Wekiva Study Area Coalition of homeowners read and provided its own public comments to FDEP on the content in the Draft BMAP Plan. You are free to see what we were troubled by when reading this document. Comments can be downloaded here: Comments on Draft Plan.

A Line by Line Comparison of the Draft to the Final BMAP can be downloaded here. Draft to Final Line By Line Comparison.

All other State BMAP Plans can be found on the FDEP Site here: