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Correction:  Much appreciated feedback from our readers has prompted a correction to this article.  FDOH is identified incorrectly as the oversight agency for this environmental tragedy.  FDEP or EPA has jurisdiction over cooking oil disposal.  FDOH has jurisdiction over disposal of septic system biosolids.  The article has been corrected to reflect the error. What remains correct is that there are simple, available and effective methods, such as a tracking manifest, that will ensure things like this don’t happen.  Protecting the environment is our concern as well.  

Please Watch this video from WTSP News 10

How is it that Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) does not  enforce rules for licensed contractors!!! There is a simple fix to this kind of evil. A simple manifest signed by the restaurant paying for the service, co-signed by the pumping company, signed by the company receiving the load, and the documentation returned to pumping company and the restaurant. Periodic contractor auditing by FDEP should be a requirement. (See correction above regarding the responsible agency.  Also note, FDOH also does not require a manifest for septic system biosolid disposal)

What are the chances some pumping companies are also doing this with septic system disposal?

Did FDEP or EPA fine the company, or will the driver be the only one held responsible?

Where is the outrage from Earth Justice and the other environmental organizations?

Obviously, the our agencies have better things to do than track or respond to massive violations like this. Whether FDEP or FDOH, it seems our agencies’  $100,000+ a year PhD’s are too busy writing septic system rules for homeowners to be bothered with an “insignificant” clerical functions that would have prevented this travesty.
Perhaps a call to your state representatives and senators is in order. The Appropriations Committee approves our agencies’ budgets after all.