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Septic System “remediation” intended to reduce nitrogen in groundwater and the springs is on every BMAP agenda. These are happening in every geographic area of the state. Citizen participation is essential and local. While we have been posting some of these meetings, you can easily access the Florida Department of Environmental Protection websites that give you public notices about all the BMAP meetings and information about the BMAP process and planning documents. Again, to receive e-mail notices about meetings in your area, contact


The following website will open the detailed, 59-page guiding document that will be used to implement nitrogen reduction efforts in the Kings Bay geographic area which crosses several county boundaries. A map in this document displays the location of springs and septic systems. Planned actions include addressing nitrogen inputs for the area’s septic systems which are identified in this report as responsible for approximately 40% of the nitrogen contribution to groundwater and the area’s 40 plus springs. Please note that the septic contribution is a “loading” estimate calculated from a modeling tool. Citizens affected by the actions proposed and planned to remediate septic systems can attend, and are encouraged to attend, publicly noticed BMAP meetings. You can register your e-mail for these notifications by contacting Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection, Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration – If you want to be on the Kings Bay BMAP notification list, contact