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You have today 4/28, and tomorrow 4/29 only to make calls to legislators. We have been waiting for more than five years for the Nitrogen Study to be completed. This is the study that was supposed to give us affordable, nitrogen reducing alternatives for conventional septic systems. It looks like there is a good possibility the study will not be completed. Ready to walk away from 4.7 million dollars of taxpayer money already spent??? Ready for DOH rule-making to start without an alternative to those expensive, complex systems we – and your legislators – objected to back in 2008??? PLEASE GET BUSY ON THE PHONES! Forward to your friends.

Please make phone calls to your local Representatives and Senators.

Please make a call to Senator Alan Hays, Senator Rene Garcia, Representative Matt Caldwell, Senator Andy Gardiner, and Representative Steve Crisafulli.

The Message: “It is unacceptable that after spending five years and almost five million dollars of taxpayer dollars, that the legislature would stop short of providing the final $300,000 needed to complete the Nitrogen Reduction Study. Homeowners across the state expect you and the Department of Health to deliver what was promised – cost-effective and affordable nitrogen reducing alternatives for conventional septic systems. The final appropriation of $300,000 will provide the final reporting as required by law, the engineering details needed to build systems, and the cost analysis. Without these three things, we will have nothing, and we will have wasted $4.7 million dollars!

Finally, I must insist that rule-making authority be removed from the Department of Health, Bureau of On-Site Sewage. It was the Bureau’s inappropriate rule-making that forced the study, and their delays that caused the extra cost to complete it. Removing the authority will probably save the same $300,000 of their budget. Please approve the funding to complete the Nitrogen Study”


I have a lot of information coming to me from many reliable sources about the issues involved here. I have tried not to burden you with too many details about what has been going on this session. My gratitude to you for trusting the above message is needed, the content is on-target, and for continuing to respond when asked, even if you don’t have all the details. The phone call to Senator Alan Hays is especially important, as he seems to be very influential as to whether the additional $300,000 is put into the Department of Health budget, and the Department is forced to complete the study as the legislature intended.

Phone numbers for those individual legislators that I have asked you to call are listed below. Please use the “find your legislator” tab on the Sludge Report if you do not have the contact information for your local legislators.

Senator Alan Hays Tallahassee Office 850-487-5011

The Villages 352-360-6737

Clermont 352-241-9344

Umatilla 352-742-6441

Senate Andy Gardiner Tallahassee Office 850-487-5013

Orlando 407-428-5800

Rep. Steve Crisafulli Tallahassee Office 850-717-5051

Merritt Island 321-449-5111

Senator Rene Garcia Tallahassee Office 850-487-5038

Miami 305-364-3100

Rep. Matt Caldwell Tallahassee 850-717-5079

Ft. Meyers 239-694-0161

If you choose to copy and paste the message into an e-mail, fill in the appropriate name using the following format for your senator or representative:

Example for Senators:

Example for Represenatatives:

ADDITIONAL NEWS: While you have Senator Hays’ office on the phone…..

Coalition for Property Rights has given Senator Hays a short amendment to introduce into Senate Bill 918. This is the Springs Protection bill moving through the legislature. It simply adds the requirement that each Basin Management Action Plan established for the Springs must include a scientific rationale and supporting scientific data must be provided for each proposed project and its estimate of the nutrient reduction provided by the project.

A simple enough, sensible enough, and necessary change to the bill’s language so water quality targets are actually realistic and financial accountability is maintained.

Senator Hays needs to be encouraged to introduce CPR’s “science” amendment!