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There are three key items that can benefit from your email to legislators — Please check this out. We can have a huge impact in the up coming Special Legislative Session.


Incredible Opportunity to reign in “Taxation Without Representation”! The following are items that need your attention and your active response. PLEASE, DO IT TODAY! E-mails need to go out immediately on the following items on the agenda for the Special Session which convenes on November 16.

1. Vote to Delay SB 550 Septic System inspection provision. If you haven’t already done so, e-mail your representatives and senators asking them to VOTE YES on delaying the septic system inspection provisions of this bill until July 2011. This will provide needed legislative review and re-write of the section of SB550 that impacts us. Background on this issue is published in previous issues of the Sludge Report.

2. Vote to Override Governor Crist veto of HB 1565. E-mail your senators and representatives on this brilliant idea. This bill protects citizens and businesses from rules and regulations being adopted by agencies and departments that financially impact us, and provides for legislative review and approval, or disapproval of any rule that carries with it a fiscal impact that exceeds certain limits. This bill is exactly what we need to protect us from unreasonable and unjustified rules. It allows us some measure of control over departments like the DOH Bureau of On-site Sewage which has a history of ignoring and challenging all control over their rule making.

3. Email to Senator LeMieux. Senator LeMiex is a member of the Rick Scott, Governor-elect Transition Team. Sen. LeMiex has already opposed the imposition of the EPA’s Numeric Nutrient Criteria on the State of Florida. Ask Senator LeMiex to advise Rick Scott on several important appointments –

a. Secretary of Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP). Tell Senator LeMiex to recommend that Governor-elect Scott consider appointing a new Secretary of DEP that has the ability and the intent to balance the proven environmental concerns with the economic stability required for businesses and job growth. Remind Sen. LeMiex and ask him to advise Gov. elect Scott that no job growth can occur if business and residents leave the state because of draconian regulations and anti-people restrictions or costs.

b. Secretary of the Department of Health (DOH). Basically, there has been no oversight of the Bureau of On-Site Sewage. The department is awash with special interest influence and an over-abundance of arrogance and incompetence. Ask Senator LeMiex to advise Governor-Elect Scott that a new secretary must be appointed that has the intent and the ability to provide proper guidance and accountability to this very important department.


In the past several months, an impressive number of counties have passed resolutions asking the legislature to delay or repeal the septic system inspection provision of SB 550. Today, we have received information from Windermere Mayor Gary Bruhm that the City of Windermere and the Orange County Council of Mayors have passed similar resolutions. The City of Windermere, located in Orange County, does not have municipal sewers. The entire town is on septic systems. Years ago, the town conducted an intensive study and review of the environmental impact of the city’s septic systems on the numerous and valued waterways contained within the boundaries of the town. They found the systems extremely efficient and the environmental impact negligible.

Thank you, Mayor Bruhm and the rest of the Orange County Mayors for your support!

A Note from the Editor: We have an amazing grassroots organization that is growing by the minute. If we commit to being involved, we have an amazing opportunity to participate in the bill drafting process. Orange County Commissioner Fred Brummer published an article today in the Apopka Chief. He praised the involvement of all our citizens and encourages us, saying “involvement is imperative if we are to protect our environment, our property rights, and our pocket-book.”

We also have an obligation to communicate to our legislators what we feel is fair and necessary. We have all become acutely aware of the disaster-in-the-making potential of bureaucratic rules. On the subject of rule-making, Representative Bryan Nelson, of Apopka FL, also published a statement specifically about HB1565, saying this bill “would address the serious problems both individuals and businesses face with Florida’s onerous rulemaking by agencies and departments.” He says a veto override would prevent costly and unnecessary rules from being adopted.

November 16 may be a historic event. Make it so. Send your e-mails to your senators and representatives: (1) Delay SB 550 implementation; (2)Override Gov. Crist Veto of HB 1565; (3)E-Mail Senator LeMiex and ask him to advise Gov. Elect Scott about Department Appointments.