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Contacting the Sludge Report

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Key Florida Legislators Contact Information

How to find your Representatives:

Click on

Find Your RepresentativeNext, click on “Find Your Representative.” You will see a form like the one to the right. Fill out the form and you will find the contact information.

How to find your Senators:

Click on

Here you will find links to the Senator’s home pages and to district maps.

If you do not find your Representatives or Senators: Contact your local voter registration office for details.

Consider supporting the Liberty First Network

The Liberty First Network is dedicated to advancing legislation in the Florida legislature that will reduce the size and scope of government and increase individual liberty. They support legislation that lowers taxes and reduces regulations, protects private property rights and free markets.

People should be free to make personal choices without hindrance or coercion from government as long as their actions are peaceful, associations are voluntary and do not violate the personal or property rights of others. Please consider supporting them as a member or by making a donation.