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County Governments all over the state are involved in developing plans to comply with the mandates imposed by the Springs Protection Act of 2016. Wekiva Springs is one of those areas. The springs protection area covers parts of Orange, Seminole, and Lake County and all three counties must develop a plan for nitrogen reduction, including upgrading septic systems to reduce nitrogen.

The link below will open the entire video of the March 6, 2018 Orange County Commission Workshop. During this presentation you will hear public comments by Andrea Samson speaking on behalf of homeowners in the Wekiva Basin Management Action Plan area who are faced with a mandate to upgrade their septic systems. The BMAP mandate includes a list of approved options, however none offer a passive, non-electric solution except gravity sewers. The consequences of those electrically powered solutions are dire and unacceptable to the homeowner. The video also contains a slide presentation given by Tom Frick, Director of Assessment and Restoration, Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection followed by comments by Orange County Mayor Jacobs and the Orange County Commissioners.  You will find the video enlightening. , Click on Public Comments on the right side of the screen.

Text of Public Comment by Andrea Samson and Handout for Orange County Commissioners follows:

BMAP Fact Sheet for Orange County Commissioners Text of Speech about BMAP to Orange County Commissioners

BMAP Fact Sheet for Orange County Commissioners

The Springs Protection Act of 2016 will impact homeowners around the state much as it has in the Wekiva – Central Florida area. You are welcome to customize or tailor these documents for your own homeowner effort. In the resources section of the Sludge Report you will find a homeowner petition form and an informational flyer for homeowners. Our goal, as always, is to help you be informed, to help your homeowner base to be engaged in decisions government makes that impact your life, and facilitate your actions to make a difference.