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In this issue, we have covered all the bases – the status of the Wekiva Study Area and what’s to come of the inspections from Senate Bill 550. The battle over the EPA’s Numeric Nutrient Criteria heats up – here’s our review of an important Congressional Hearing chaired by Florida’s own Rep. Cliff Stearns; and TRI-County giving you a voice as the National Research Council reviews EPA’s cost estimates. Open all the “click here’s”, there is lots to know.


It’s time to review the status of all the 2011 legislative action, the status of the state and federal agencies whose decisions and actions impact us, and the efforts of TRI-County Association H.E.L.P. It was a busy 2011 session and an even busier summer. Click Here for the Status Report.

July 25-26. Orlando FL. National Research Council and EPA

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