New Legislation Benefiting Home Owners

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The Florida legislature is in session.  There are several bills moving through committee hearings that impact our future.  In this issue of The Sludge Report you will read about one bill we are heartily supporting.  It may mean the difference between being forced to install complex, expensive, electrically powered “advanced” septic systems and being able to choose passive, cost-effective alternatives.


Go to The Sludge Report and read about the issue, the bill and our bill sponsors.  We need everyone on board!  Your call to action:

(1) thank our bill sponsors,

            (2) contact your local representatives in Tallahassee and ask them to support our bill.

(3) forward this e-mail to your friends and neighbors and ask them to do the same.

Bill numbers and links to your reps are in the report.  Legislators notice your calls and emails!


BREAKING NEWS:  Dan Peterson, President of Coalition for Property Rights ( ) is working in Tallahassee to support our bill, educating legislators about our issues with this bill and many others that deal with our septic systems as they come up in committee hearings. Coalition for Property Rights has advocated for us since 2008 defending our property rights.  Dan has your back in Tallahassee and I am asking that you have his back.  He can’t do this without our support.  Go to CPR-FL.ORG and donate today.   THANK YOU!!!


Don’t forget to circulate this email among your neighbors.  We can do this!   

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