Difficult Decisions Facing Homeowners Over BMAP

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Over the last several weeks, Florida counties are beginning to inform homeowers about the pending changes to State Regulations (Basin Management Action Plans) called BMAP. Your area may have had a community meeting on the subject of mandates to reduce nitrogen entering the soil. Affected are all septic system owners, but especially those near priority springs.

If you have not checked in with us recently, this is a good time.  Since Irma, there have been numerous Sludge Reports to bring you up to date. Please take time to share The Sludge Reports using our Social Media buttons.  If you are in a priorty focus area, consider starting a petition drive to point out the hazards of Electrical solutions to sewage disposal. A flyer and sample petition can be found in the resources section of The Sludge Report.

More to follow. The BMAP goes into effect July 1st, impacting tens of thousands of homeowners.

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