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Hi, everyone!  Hope you stayed safe during Irma.  What an incredible amount of damage to clean up and recover from.  Prayers out to all of you who suffered damage.  I am heartened by the help our communities are involved in.  Today and right after Irma, youth groups from local churches were out looking for people to help as we all cleaned up tree and roof damage. Great kids!

I try not to bother you with e-mail notifications, but it’s time for our homeowners to get involved again.  Too many believe the issue is no longer an issue, but that’s not true. The Sludge Report just published after Irma brings to the front burner issues that are facing our homeowners state wide.  BMAP Springs Protection committees are meeting all over the state to deal with Septic System “remediation” projects.  According to the 2016 Springs Protection Act, these plans must be in place by mid-summer 2018.  So, when you are done reading the most recent issue of the Sludge Report, I am asking you to re-activate your mailing lists and send the information to as many as you can.

Andrea Samson, Editor

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