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Dear Friends, Neighbors and Supporters,

What’s new?  The most recent change to The Sludge Report is the addition of social media sharing icons at the bottom of the most recent article post.  We started this effort with nothing more than e-mail circles (B.F. - before facebook), and we managed to reach out state-wide.  I have always been astounded at what we all were able to accomplish as a group of concerned, informed, and engaged citizens.  

While that worked well when the issues we needed to address were centered in Tallahassee, everything to do with septic systems has shifted now to local Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP) meetings.  With that change, it is extremely important that you are able to “share” local BMAP notifications and information with your local circle of friends.  Now you can.  Please do. 

The new and improved Sludge Report has been up and running for a while.  Hope you like the changes! If you are forwarding this information to your e-mail circles, please encourage them to enter their e-mail address in the box on the front page so they can receive e-mail alerts directly.  They will receive a “confirmation request” in their e-mail. 

Please forward.

Andrea Samson, Editor

The Sludge Report 

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