Governor DeSantis Struggling with the State Budget

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Dear Friends of The Sludge Report,

Our representatives have opened the door to funding assistance - Special interests are trying to close it!

Our legislators heard homeowners loud and clear that the BMAP plan to force homeowners to use Advanced Septic Systems if sewers are not installed is not acceptable.  Forcing Advanced Septic Systems serves only those wishing to stop development into rural areas. Virtually all postmortem studies done by our State on advanced systems show the only practical solution to reducing nutrients will come from comprehensive planning around sewers.

With the help of Orange County Commissioner, Christine Moore, the Wekiva area homeowners now have a special appropriation in the State budget that funds the Wekiva Springs Retrofit Project Phase I (Sweetwater West).  This appropriation sets a precedent for funding all future projects. However, the State budget has not yet been signed by Governor DeSantis.  The Governor is faced with difficult choices due to the state's expenses dealing with COVID-19. 

We must take a stand now and call Gov. DeSantis asking him to approve this special $500,000 appropriation.  BMAP deadlines are looming and the time to take care of our communities and preserve our home values is NOW!  If the $500,000 appropriation is lost, then potentially ALL future phases and other springs communities will also experience a gap in future funding.

Special interest groups, the environmental lobbies, and the industry lobbies, will tell DeSantis that there are plenty of cost-effective solutions besides sewers. That my friends is just not true! See The Sludge Report if you have doubts

If our State wants clean water, it needs to prioritize support of homeowners and cities all dealing with the clean water issue. Please contact Governor DeSantis’ office, and advocate for him to sign the budget with the Wekiva Springs Retrofit funding intact or left in the budget. It sets a precedent that will help every homeowner who is under the hammer of BMAP and do things right.

Tell him that we understand with this COVID-19 pandemic, and a steep decline in tax revenues that he is in a tight spot. Compliment his office for his leadership, then mention that the Wekiva Springs Retrofit project would help the environment and keep construction workers employed. There is no canned set of words for this. Our Governor needs to hear from you, needs to hear your own passion and concern around this issue. Tell him how much you are in favor of the project and appreciate his leadership in Florida. 

Send Governor Ron DeSantis an e-mail at:

0r Call Governor Ron DeSantis at 850.717.9337

Thank you,

Andrea Samson

Editor, The Sludge Report




Thanks for your Help and Stay Safe Everyone!

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