Covid-19 & Sustainability

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Dear Friends of The Sludge Report,

A new report has just been posted on .  The spread of this potentially deadly virus has prompted some serious thinking about state’s growth patterns and our current public health crisis.  At the same time, the virus itself has created a real dilemma for all 350,000 of us in Springs Protection Priority Focus Areas (PFA).  Our PFA BMAP’s impose mandates to convert to sewers or advanced nitrogen reducing systems.  The “advanced” solution is fatally flawed, and the report will tell you why. It’s not just power outages that put us at risk if we use advanced systems, now it’s the virus!

Read this report.  Then either email it or print it and send it to Governor Ron Desantis  .  Also email or send it to your local Florida House Representatives member, and your State Senator. A locator is available on the Sludge Report.  Send this email to your friends and ask them to do the same.

Thanks for your Help and Stay Safe Everyone!



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