New Legislation Benefiting Home Owners

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The Florida legislature is coming to a close. It would be great to report that our representatives have heard us and actually enacted useful legislation. Unfortunately, we cannot report this. The good bills were abandoned by both parties and the remaining bills will not address the real issues affecting our State.


Please read the lastest Sludge Report. Red Tide, Common Sense and Sewage Spills. It will show you how far we really are from fixing our clean water issues.  Not sure how to fix our legislators. You might also find the prior Sludge Report of interest. It will give you the questions and concerns you should have if the current BMAP legislation mandating "advanced" nitrogen reducing systems remains the law. You must be asking the right questions!


Don’t forget to circulate this email among your neighbors. Consider sending The Sludge Report to your legislators. It is about time our government gets a shot of common sense and listens to its citizens. Have we all forgotten? They are elected to work for us. 

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