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In a special session, our legislators voted to delay inspections. HB 1565, probably the most important legislation to protect us from unwarranted rule making, is now in place. Please thank your legislators for their actions.


Yesterday, in Tallahassee, our legislators voted to delay the septic inspection provisions of Senate Bill 550! This means the DOH rule mandating water table testing as part of those inspections – and its heavy consequences – has also been delayed. Thank you to all our elected Senators and Representatives who heard us and made it happen. Thank you also to all of you, who talked to your representatives and helped them understand the issues. Common sense prevailed! Our next job – participating in the process of reaching common sense solutions.


Last summer, Gov. Crist vetoed this bill. Yesterday, the legislature overturned the veto! From now on, NO RULE CAN BE ADOPTED BY A DEPARTMENT OR AGENCY THAT CARRIES WITH IT A FINANCIAL IMPACT OF MORE THAN ONE MILLION DOLLARS OVER A FIVE YEAR PERIOD WITHOUT LEGISLATIVE REVIEW AND APPROVAL. Remember sending e-mails begging Gov. Crist to step in and stop the rulemaking by DOH???? Remember our legislators frustration at the barriers that kept them from stopping the rule-making? Remember DOH ignoring the TRAP recommendation to delay the inspections? We believe this oversight action will do more than just about anything else to help protect us against unwarranted and financially devastating rules!

TIME FOR THANK YOU’S. Now that you have another reason to really celebrate Thanksgiving, please communicate your thanks to your individual Senators and Representatives who supported these important votes. Please copy Senate President Senator Mike Haridopolos and House Speaker Representative Dean Cannon who kept our concerns on the special session agenda.

Special updates on EPA actions and more detail will be available on .

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!