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The issue is nitrogen. Septic system owners in Florida, all 2.5 million of us, stand accused of being a significant contributor of nitrogen found in ground and surface water, and therefore, we are one of the targets of a huge, multi-agency effort to reduce nitrogen levels in springs and waterways. Homeowners with septic systems in Central Florida have been engaged in this issue for more than six years, as we were the first group to be targeted by a new rule intended to reduce the nitrogen output of septic systems. We did our homework, educated ourselves and our neighbors about the research, the legislative issues, the proposed solutions, and involved ourselves deeply in the all the important issues. We found the rule to be unwarranted, unacceptable, and unproductive. And so, we mobilized to stop the rule.

From that point forward, we made it our mission to make sure that state and federal agency rules and legislation met three simple tests:

1. Do we have sound science that demonstrates the need for action?
2. Do we have proposed solutions that are realistic, tested, and cost-effective?
3. Will we see a measurable improvement in water quality if the solution is imposed?

Repeatedly, the answer to all three questions on various legislation and rules has been an emphatic “no”. We all want and need clean water. However, we have a corresponding responsibility to make sure precious financial resources of our citizens and our state are not wasted by taking actions based on opinion, not science. Nor will we accept costly solutions that offer little or no predictable improvement in water quality.

In the archives section of this report, the history and complexity of this on-going homeowner effort is documented. Our readership is now state-wide because this issue affects homeowners statewide. We encourage you to get involved, get informed and join the effort to protect your property value and rights, your business, and your quality of life.


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Join and financially support Coalition for Property Rights (CPR). CPR has been educating citizens, legislators and agencies about this issue from the beginning, and continues to do so, on our behalf.

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